An 8 course Neo Futurist dinner including performances and instillations to predict the effect of climate change on future water usage.
Amsterdam, Netherlands 

in collaboration with Food Non Food 


Intoduction Speech given by Jip Given as guests are seated around the salt table. 

Guests creating the symbol of O.
Guests trying to catch water from the dripping water instilation above the salt table.  

Performance of the Cloud sourcing instilation. 

Children of O gargling as they end the dinner ceremony. 

Children of O greeting each another. 


Course 1: Upon entering guests are welcomed with a personalized mix of salts, as a treat for their long and dry trek to Mediamatic.

Course 2: Guests are seated to a edible landscape that reflects the outside dry state of the world. They must dig to find the hiding food.

Course 3: Guests are slowly introduced to more water through the preservation course, in homage to their ancestors stored foods.

Course 4: The watermelon course, reflects the change in biology through climate change. Crops learn to grown  with less water.

Course 5: This steamed course pays homage to a water collecting technique called cloud sourcing: collecting water through clouds.

Course 6: This salty soup dish features another way of farming: salt  water farming. Here guests get to finally quench their thirsty.

Course 7: This rich course consists of avocado ice cream, nuts, and chocolate. All foods that take large amounts of water to grow.

Course 8: The most indulgent dish of all, this last course is a simple glass of water. Guests will get to reflect on their water use.